graphic designer




We are Antonis, Penny and Theodoris, a group of professional photographers, graphic designers, and cinematographers. Our passion for pictures unites us, whether they are static or moving. Our goal is to capture every moment, the best way possible, and keep it imperishable.


Our work consists of the artistic photo shootings of weddings, baptisms, events, portraits, products, and spaces. We also cover weddings, baptisms, events , cinematically, the creation of advertising spots, the printout of photographs on photo paper or canvases and the design and printout of digital albums. Lastly, we convert tape to digital form, we edit videos, and we provide all types of graphic design services. 


Every person is unique and special, creating thus their own story, moments, and memories. Memories filled with emotions and moments which people can only live, enjoy and record once. The most successful photographs taken are those that stand the test of time. Those exact photos which years later take us to the past along with every emotion we had at that moment. And that is where we stand, because we love to record images and tell peoples’ stories through their perspective and style.


What makes us unique is our work ethic and our narrative character. We tend to focus on the story that is right in front of our eyes, the person, the people around them, the details. We mostly want to record unprompted, real, normal images and moments filled with emotions. We also love the simplicity, the natural light, landscapes, and colors. When it comes to our images, they are a mixture of photo reportage and artistic portrait. We always make sure our presence is discreet and without any constraint we give our heart and use our inspiration and creativity to deliver a perfect result.

With regard to the technical part of our work, we make sure the capture of the image has clarity, the right frames and colors, the shots are adequate and meet the importance of your most precious moments. The equipment we use is of the latest technology and in combination with our knowledge we make sure to cover ideally every event as well as the last part of the whole process, the printout.


Our shop is located in the city of Patras, 79A Solomou str. Pay a visit to our specially designed place to meet us and work together. You also have the opportunity to make an appointment in any day and hour that suits you best. This way, we will be able to demonstrate to you more samples of our work, create the package you are most interested in, while also inform you better of our services. We are looking forward to meeting you.